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UCLA Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Course and Hands-on Workshop 2014

Musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasound is a real time and inexpensive imaging modality useful for diagnosis of MSK pathology and in particular image guided procedures in and about the joints. The UCLA Department of Radiology in collaboration with key physicians from both Departments of Sports Medicine and Rheumatology recognizes the demand for this specialty skill and is proud to offer a fully comprehensive, hands-on, learning opportunity. The MSK Ultrasound Course and Workshop, discuss in depth, the pertinent theoretical and practical points of upper and lower extremity ultrasound. The course entails a comprehensive overview of relevant ultrasound topographic upper and lower extremity anatomy, including relevant landmarks, common indications for MSK ultrasound and the fundamental techniques for its use. The course also includes live split screen demonstrations which present the basic MSK sonography techniques and the optimal imaging essential for accurate application. The inclusive interactive, hands-on workshop provides an opportunity to master the techniques through small group training with specialists. The additional option of specialty training in the cadaver lab is ideal in providing real life, real time training of image guided procedure training to expand the clinical scope of care for attendees.

Note: Early registration for the optional cadaver lab is recommended, enrollment is limited to 32 participants. There is an additional fee for this workshop.

Target Audience

Those interested in performing MSK ultrasound in their practices, including, but not limited to, radiologists, sports medicine surgeons and physicians, rheumatologists as well as sonographers seeking to master scanning techniques in MSK sonography.

Date & Location

January 25, 2014 to January 27, 2014
Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica, California
Cadaver Lab Center for Health Sciences, UCLA Campus, Los Angeles, California

Registration and Additional Information:

Please visit UCLA CME website.



Course Brochure (PDF)

Practical Applications of Prostate MRI: Integrating Latest Advances into Clinical Practice

Saturday, March 16, 2013
Annenberg Community Beach House
Santa Monica, California

Course Description:

Prostate Cancer is the second most common solid organ malignancy diagnosed in men. Unlike other solid organ malignancies, the challenge in prostate cancer is to confidently identify men with moderate and high grade cancers who would most benefit from aggressive therapy. Uniquely among solid organ cancers, imaging has not been a traditional part to the workup of prostate cancer, which has relied instead on transrectal US-guided template biopsy. Over the past few years, MR imaging has emerged as the best imaging modality to detect, grade and stage prostate cancer. The Practical Applications of Prostate MRI: Integrating Latest Advances into Clinical Practice course will focus on the understanding of MR imaging as applied to prostate cancer. We will review all relevant MR imaging components of prostate cancer including T2, perfusion, diffusion, and spectroscopic imaging. In conjunction with the UCLA Departments of Urology and Radiation Oncology, we will review application of MR Imaging in surgical planning for robotic prostatectomy, prostate biopsy planning, active surveillance and radiation planning. We will also discuss state-of-the-art MR/US fusion biopsy and direct MR-guided biopsy planning. The course will also include an opportunity for participants to interact with vendors to gain a better understanding of MR imaging post processing.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand state-of-the-art prostate MR imaging and MR spectroscopy
  • Understand the benefit of prostate MR imaging for active surveillance and biopsy planning
  • Understand the benefit of prostate MR imaging for robotic prostatectomy planning
  • Understand the benefit of prostate MR imaging for radiation planning
  • Understand how to post process the MR data on vendor-specific platforms

Target Audience:

Radiologists, urologists, and radiation oncologists interested in understanding prostate MR imaging and its applications to active surveillance, biopsy planning and acquisition, surgical planning and radiation planning


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