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Interventional Radiology (Vascular / Interventional)

Justin McWilliams, MD, Interventional Radiology (Vascular/Interventional)Fellowship Program Director

Justin McWilliams, MD
Program Director
(310) 267-8773

The UCLA interventional fellowship is a one-year program accredited in good standing with the ACGME. Six fellows are recruited each year.

The goal of the fellowship is to expose the trainee to all aspects of interventional radiology, to build technical skills in virtually all IR procedures, and to instill the clinical mindset necessary for success in the field. The faculty are superb and motivated to teach, the didactic curriculum is complete, and the equipment and facilities are top-notch.

The fellowship program provides excellent experience in all facets of interventional radiology:

  1. Interventional oncology (including TACE, Y90, portal vein embolization, thermal and cryo-ablation, IRE)
  2. Peripheral vascular disease (including angioplasty, stents, drug-eluting stents, drug-eluting balloons)
  3. Venous disease (including DVT treatment, IVC and SVC recanalization, IVC filter placement and retrieval, and varicose veins)
  4. A multidisciplinary fibroid treatment program (including UFE and HIFU)
  5. A multidisciplinary HHT treatment program (including pulmonary angiography and embolizations)
  6. Dedicated experience in pediatric IR (with a pediatric IR specialist at the largest Childrens Hospital in Los Angeles)
  7. Portal interventions including liver transplant interventions (including TIPS, BRTO, CARTO)
  8. Thrombolysis (including venous and arterial lysis, interventional PE treatment, and mechanical and pharmacologic methods)
  9. Embolization (including renal, splenic, hepatic, prostate, pre-operative, etc)
  10. Trauma (level 1 trauma center)

Fellows rotate through 8 rotations over the course of the year, to provide experience in a very wide array of procedures and practice settings:

  1. IR3 rotation at Ronald Reagan Hospital (main angio suite for complex procedures at RRH)
  2. SMH IR at Santa Monica Hospital (main angio suite for complex procedures at SMH)
  3. CSIR (cross-sectional interventions including biopsies, drainages, and cryo, radiofrequency, and microwave ablation of tumors in the lung, liver, kidney and elsewhere)
  4. VA IR at the West Los Angeles VA hospital (tertiary care VA hospital with a wide array of peripheral vascular and other interventions)
  5. IR1/MB rotation (split time between the secondary angio suite at RRH for a wide array of procedures, and the Manhattan Beach outpatient imaging center with experience in varicose vein evaluation and treatment)
  6. CHLA IR at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles (tertiary care pediatric hospital with a wide variety of pediatric interventions including AVM treatment)
  7. Clinic (dedicated outpatient IR clinic with high volume of pre-procedure consultations and post-procedure follow-ups for all types of IR procedures)
  8. ACI (acute care imaging rotation)

The fellowship stands out as offering an extremely well-rounded IR training experience in a collaborative and pleasant environment, and our trainees are extremely well-prepared for job opportunities in both academic and community practice.

Contact Information

Andrew Yuen
Fellowship Coordinator
(310) 267-8796 phone
(310) 267-2059 fax

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